Areas and Client Profiles

Our goal is to work in a highly specialized and efficient way in Litigations in which we are able to provide the best service available, regardless of the Law segment or related Economic Sector.

In this sense, we have strong performance, for example, in Lawsuits involving:

Bank Litigations

Commercial/ Contractual Litigations

Corporate Litigations

Real Estate Litigations

Consumer Affairs

Labor Affairs

Family and Successions

Public Administration

Public Prosecutor’s Office (Administrative Inquiries and Public Civil Actions without Criminal nature), among countless others

We also work in advisory activities and contract structuring, including, but not limited to, individual and/or collective labor complaints; discussions regarding product or service liability; relations with suppliers; warranties and financial risks.

As regards client profiles, we have worked with large-sized companies from the Automotive Industry, including automakers and auto part suppliers; Financial Institutions, Construction Companies and Real Estate Developers; Energy Distributor and Transmitter; Warehousing and Logistics Companies; Fast Food Chains; Hospitals; etc., as well as additionally assisting independent professionals or executives, owners and shareholders from different companies.